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Young maids fucking old masters

It’s true. Men are pigs. Keeping the place clean isn’t one of those things that tend to take our priority lists by storm. As long as we can find the couch and the fridge, we’re perfectly fine. No need for a glass either, we’ll drink our beers straight from the bottle. That kinda thing. And here’s some news too: It’s not going to improve with age.

So why would an old man be hiring a maid? They don’t come cheap, for starters, and what’s fun about someone going through your stuff? It’s not like you’d find a crazy teenie who insists on riding your old cock every day, right? Some sexy maid with a knack for kinky flirting games and sexual innuendo. You know, like barging into the bedroom at 4am for a hard banging before breakfast. A servant girl like that would be something to consider indeed. But there’s no way you’ll ever find one.

Or is there?

Loaded oldtimer gets banged by his hot housemaid

You see, most of the cuties applying for jobs as housemaids aren’t in it for the paycheck. Or at least, not their paycheck. The maids worth hiring can roughly be divided in three categories. You have those who want the old man’s money. And then you have those who want the old man for his money. But the third type just wants the old man himself!

People often think these boss/maid relationships aren’t quite as pleasant for the housemaid as they are for the man of the house. We can imagine some rich old guy checking out his young maid’s ass during her cleaning rounds. In fact, most of these farts will be plowing that ass on demand. But it’s a mistake to think these girls aren’t loving it every bit as much as their perverted bosses. Or do you think they just happen to forget wearing panties every day?

Old man of the house gets to have sex on demand with his young maid

Appearances can be deceiving – as is so often the case. Sure, these maids have to obey their boss and keep them satisfied at all times, but they will have chosen their master long before he ever picks them. They have sex with old men because, ultimately, that is what they want.

This teen servant girl prepares breakfast in bed and wakes her master by blowing his cock

Young cuties doing dirty old farts outdoors

You’re taking a stroll with your young trophy girlfriend. She’s just turned 18 and you still can’t believe she would actually be interested in an old man like you. You take a quick peek behind you. Good. Everyone’s still at work. You don’t want the Mitchells to see you with her just yet. What would everyone say? Also, is she serious about this? What could she be seeing in a guy more than twice her age? You notice she’s stopped walking. You look back again and time stops. You hear your heart beating and suddenly seem to develop some kind of tunnel vision. She’s taken her top off! It’s not looking like she’s about to leave it at that either, as she flings her skirt aside and squeezes her perky titties, sporting a grin the size of Manhattan. Oh God! You’re in the middle of your own neighborhood park with a butt-naked teen by your side!

You remember fucking her like mad. Right there in the park. There were houses all around, but you didn’t care anymore. It was with absolute certainty the fuck of a lifetime. There might even have been neighbors watching you drill that teenie in the middle of the playground, but all you could think of was that tight sweet ass.

Girls like that are as kinky as you can get. All they want is an older guy with some experience to show them how delightful great sex can be. They actually want to have sex in public places and try the wildest positions in the book! Younger hotties who are into dirty old men are not easy to find, but once you do, chances are they’re naughty enough to be grabbing your old dick when you least expect it.

Check out the scene below. That guy is an old construction yard honcho who gets seduced by two spoiled and smoking hot girls. Who just happen to be the girlfriends of two of his workers. At nineteen and twenty years old, they’re used to getting what they want and got sick of waiting for their guys to come home. They decided to get back at them by screwing their old boss! That’s not to say oldtimers like that don’t use their position to get themselves some nookie from time to time. Local girls are practically lining up to have sex with old supervisors who can pull a string or two…

Schoolgirls fucking their teachers for higher grades

It happens more often than you’d think. Lots of students have crushes on their teachers. In fact, some won’t hesitate to seduce an old teacher just for fun. Others just want to get that passing grade without hitting the books. You could say they prefer hitting on their teachers instead. All in all, it makes for a very interesting school year if you’re the old fart wielding the red pen. Of course you see them coming a mile away, but even if you don’t, the end result involves you drilling a teen school girl all the way to graduation!

Teenies nowadays are so uninhibited and self-aware they know perfectly well what they’re doing – or at the very least they’re mighty keen on learning. Now, where do these girls spend most of their time? Right. Schools are a perfect setting for them to try out their newfound skills and manipulate their teachers into getting what they want. It’s the ultimate practice ground for spoiled teens and ambitious schoolgirls. You even get the occasional crazy porn teen on a mission to screw every old professor and teacher in town. The cutie you see above is a great example. She actually got her biology professor to pay her a visit at her dorm for some private lessons. You could say she had a special interest in the anatomy chapter…

When students are after better grades, it’s usually too late to start processing enough chapters to make it. So when the final exams finally start, they’re determined to make that passing grade. One way or the other. The humiliation of failing their senior year would be devastating. Enter the short skirt. You kow, the one that’s really a little bit too short. If their teacher sees that, the dirty old fart will certainly go easy on them. Right? Hmm. Maybe leaving panties out of the equation would be a good idea. Just to make sure.

Can you imagine being the dirty old man behind the desk when the hottest student in class walks in wearing that? Your jaw would drop to your knees and you’d be all over her with sexual innuendo. You might even ask her the tough questions just to make sure you get to fuck her tonight. Hell, you’ve been doing that all year, haven’t you? Now why on earth would people think blondes are dumb? Or better still: Why did you make them stay after class so many times?

Just think about it. Thousands of school girls are seducing their teachers every year. Dirty old men just like you and me (well bear with me here) get to drill these hotties now that they’ve turned 18. Piano teachers, tennis coaches and ski instructors, they’re all banging more teens than they can handle. Have I chosen the wrong profession or what?

Young cuties fucked by extremely old men

The majority of girls out there prefer a guy with some experience and maturity. That’s no secret. Girls generally are ahead of their years, especially when compared to the slackers you see hanging around on street corners nowadays. Men are actually grown-up brats, as I’m sure you’ll agree. But middle-aged men with some presence and charisma can get laid by attractive hotties any day of the week. It doesn’t matter whether you’re old, ugly, cripple or all of the above. If you can maintain a sensible conversation and show genuine interest, any teen will be dropping her panties in no time.

Extremely old man fucks a teen cutie

Ok, so what about the extremely old seniors? You know, those particularly ugly farts with bad breaths, eligible for immediate geriatric care? Why would a teen cutie be interested in very old farts like that? Some of these geezers are eighty years old!

Well, it turns out a large number of women have an entirely different opinion. Love is blind, they say, but who could have guessed it’s that true? What we would label as a geriatric patient or a retired pensioner, girls see as cuddly and sweet.

Gorgeous teen having sex with a very old man

Apparently, girls are often attracted to men they aren’t supposed to be attracted to. Bikers or gang members are classic examples. But they also seduce guys old enough to be their grandpas. Old/young relationships are very much a taboo in most places, however it just so happens girls are as human as their male counterparts and will always feel strangely drawn to “forbidden fruit”. Guys that old often seem mysterious and intriguing. They don’t make contact easily either, which only increases their appeal to curious girls. Whenever their mystery man is -as they see it- playing hard to get, they go totally berserk and will do just about anything to get him to drill them senseless.

Dirty old fart doing a hot young babe

Local seniors having sex with hot farm girls

You know those remote farms out in the countryside? Ever wonder what goes on there? Well, by the looks of it, those old farmers have a pretty good deal going. Crazy stories involving hot farm girls having to go without sex for months on end, until they eventually snap and just fuck every old grandpa in sight. All the eligible bachelors have left long ago, drawn to the bright lights at the big cities. All they’re left with are the old farts from the previous generation.

Old cowboy screwing a horseback riding student

They try holding it off at first, but as time goes by, the ugly old geezers start looking more attractive by the day. Most of the local farm teens end up begging for sex sooner or later and often times, they find out these old seniors aren’t so bad after all. Once they realize an old men usually makes for a considerate and sweet lover, all inhibitions disappear and they turn into insatiable sex nymphos!

Old farmer fucks local farm girl

The lengths these hotties will go to for some hard banging are absolutely mindblowing. They won’t hesitate to walk straight up to some lucky oldtimer and sit on his cock right there and then. They’ll push him over in the hay and drop their panties on their faces if need be. Forget about age or looks. If you have a schlong capable of some hardcore drilling, you can get yourself a total babe out in the country. So what are you waiting for?

Farm irl doing an old fart

Every once in a while, some arrogant city girl comes along for “horseback riding lessons”. Girls like that always try to manipulate a guy into getting what they want. They will happily use their, um, female assets just to feel in control. Now they’re meeting a dirty countryside cowboy and they just have to try it. You wouldn’t believe how many of those city brats want to ride the cowboy even more than the horse!

Teen fucked in the countryside

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It turns out dirty old men get to have sex with teens more often than you’d think. Most girls prefer a man with some common sense and experience any day of the week. They aren’t attracted to the posers hitting on them at parties or the slackers they meet in class. They want a guy to give them the kind of attention she really needs. There’s something about teen girls hooking up with old farts. Guys like Joe the Pensioner and Greg the Grandpa. Or what about Barry the Bum? Old young sex is still considered a taboo in some places, but these teens are so open-minded they’ll sit on any old cock in sight!

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