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Horny seniors boning hot teens

When you get to be a senior citizen like me people tend to automatically suppose you have no clue as to how the world works these days. As if you’re in constant need of help and guidance. That really pisses me off! They’re the ones who are clueless. I know what it is to be young – they don’t know what it is to be old!

One big advantage of this misunderstanding is that people easily let their guard down around us. Like some of those gorgeous looking teens who think we are oh so cute and cuddly mingling with their girlfriends. They never see us coming – until we’re coming all over their faces.

And sometimes when you’re really lucky you get to meet the exceptions to the rule. Im talking about those hot and horny teens who get that you’ve not simply grown old – you’ve become experienced. Charismatic. That you have firsthand knowledge of the ways of the world, and among other things, of how to please women until they beg you to stop.

Now these little vixens will actually try anything to seduce you. Of course you have to play hard to get at first, but it always ends in hardcore pumping action. It doesn’t care what you look like – whether you’re skinny and wrinkled or just a fat old creep. To these hot girls the attraction lies in the years of practice you’ve had in making women come.

And of course there is that wonderful misconception that mixing old and young is somehow against the rules. Whatever it is that’s not done in a society is exactly what some hot chicks want to try first. If it’s forbidden it has to be good! I bet that rule was first invented by jealous young studs who lost some honeys to us… Only to watch the rest of their girls succumb to us as well.

Dirty doctors seducing sexy teens

As we all know, a lot of the hottest girls out there secretely long for the experienced touch of older men. So when that experienced touch comes with a doctor’s degree and a porsche, they’re already wet when they knock on that door. The game of seduction takes on a whole other level when their first meeting already involves the girl getting naked and the dirty old doctor physically checking out her entire body. Some of these hotties can’t stop shaking and quivering under his touch, yearning for this lucky old pervert to check out her belly just a little bit lower.

So now imagine this dirty pervert doctor being her gynecologist… Everything about that visist is just so exciting! These old docs go out of their way to make their patients feel right at ease, especially the gorgeously sexy ones. And these girls have no problem talking about their sex life – I mean, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? And then the whole physical exam – aka “the ritual of seduction”! Is his hand supposed to rest on her leg like that? Does he really have to fidget around that much with that long stick? Does he realize how wet she is getting?
Is that a bulge in his pants?…

I personally don’t trust any of these dirty old men in white. If you ask me there is a whole group of super sexy babes who are exchanging phone numbers and adresses of their favourite horny doctors. I mean, why else is my hot girlfriend always switching doctors if not to check out new talent? You know what? Next time she has a doctor’s appointment I think I’m going to follow her to see what she’s up to, and I’m taking my camera with me. I mean, imagine that old fucker taking my wife and afterwards even taking my money to pay for the visit. Fuck, might as well get something out of it for myself…

Dirty old men boning hot teens

Every friday when she goes to clean old mr. Harris’ house she can’t help herself but feeling attracted to the old bugger. In some strange way this retired old geezer manages to push all of her buttons in just the right way. She never dreamed he would be even remotely interested in her that way.

Are these fat old seniors even still capable of having sex? So when mr. Harris suddenly started coming on to her in no uncertain terms she really couldn’t believe her luck. And man-oh-man, she discovered yet another perk that comes with his old age – these pensioners can last for hours upon hours without shooting their load! Right now she really couldn’t care less about his ugly fat body.

Don’t believe for a second the old cliché of handsome muscular jocks who divide among them every single gorgeous teen on the planet. There are plenty of sexy teens left who willingly get seduced by the ugliest, fattest and dirtiest old fuckers you can imagine. Sometimes a bit of old-fashioned charisma and style overrules all those supercharged machos.

And to show you that there really are no limits to seducing cute chicks, just think of the fattest old fart you know, doing a gorgeous teen you would give your left nut for to get into her panties. Want to know one reason that sets them apart from those eager studs? They’re the forbidden fruit – one of those things you’re not supposed to do – so of course every babe wants to try it.

Sometimes they even go as far as picking out the most filthy old hobos you can imagine and fuck their brains out, just to find out what it’s like. And this is really not so uncommon as you’d think. Another part of the attraction must be that there are for sure no strings attached when fucking these old farts. They’re not looking to get married and because they consider themselves lucky they go out of their way to always keep the girls happy.

Isn’t there a lesson in here somewhere, guys?

Old farts meeting up for sex with teens

You see these old pensioners getting together in clubs and community centers and you can’t help but wonder what the appeal is. Why would you want to sit around with a bunch of worn-out and grumpy old bastards? Sure, you’d want to keep in touch with your buddies from back in the day and maybe grab a drink together once a month or so. But these farts are meeting up like every other day!

Well, it turns out there’s a more to these social clubs and hobby groups than meets the eye. You see, more often than not, they’re just an excuse to get away from the old wifey. They provide an excellent alibi for driving out into the countryside to have some kinky group sex with dirty teenies! That’s right! It’s not that surprising really, when you think about it. Or do you think your mind suddenly gets less dirty once you reach 50?

So here’s what really goes down at these so-called field trips. The old farts make up some excuse for booking a nice trip away from their wives and off they go… They meet up with some willing girls with a thing for experienced, older men. You’d be surprised to see how many eighteen year old cuties you’d find who’d love to tag along! Girls like adventure as much as guys do, you know, and the tought of experimenting with a group of grandpashorny oldtimers turns them on more than they’d like to admit.

Lucky for us, most of these lucky seniors bring their cameras so they can tape the action. Or rather, they’d film eachother to trade the footage with their pals afterwards. It’s a good way to make sure their own fifteen minutes of fame get caught on tape and find their way into their own collection.

Teens have group sex with old perverts

Even the most beautiful teens – who can have their pick among young studs – secretely crave the attention of older men. In some cases they prefer men old enough to be their grandpas. Their experience in the ways of the world and the confidence that comes with those years holds a very special attraction to them. And these old perverts sure know how to get what they want when it comes to gorgeous babes.

The big difference with regular guys is that these oldtimers have no problem working for it. And girls always feel relaxed enough to share their inner secrets. When this eager beauty reveals her darkest desire to be swept away by a gang of horny grandpas, they don’t hesitate for one second. The four of them tie her on a pole and take turns pleasing her before ploughing her rosy cunt into a pulp. And so our human sex toy gets what she always wanted, which is to make old men come as if they were still 18.

And if you don’t believe there are many teens out there who really enjoy group sex with experienced seniors just check out these pics. It must be some unknown undercurrent in the teen psyche which causes them to get wet with desire each time they think of getting seduced by creepy old men. Those guys manage to sweet talk them out of their panties and rough it up in the sack.

I came across a whole bunch of these photos at this amazing gangbang site with old farts. You wouldn’t believe what there is out there for everybody to find. Loads of grade-A movies – and they get updated on a regular basis. If you check out some of the luscious cuties they feature and what they don’t mind doing to a whole group of ugly old pervs – I’ll tell you, I have found yet another very good reason for looking forward to retirement.

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It turns out dirty old men get to have sex with teens more often than you’d think. Most girls prefer a man with some common sense and experience any day of the week. They aren’t attracted to the posers hitting on them at parties or the slackers they meet in class. They want a guy to give them the kind of attention she really needs. There’s something about teen girls hooking up with old farts. Guys like Joe the Pensioner and Greg the Grandpa. Or what about Barry the Bum? Old young sex is still considered a taboo in some places, but these teens are so open-minded they’ll sit on any old cock in sight!

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