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The first time my old uncle walked in with his latest twenty-year-old trophy wife, I took a deep breath. And I’m still holding that breath to this day. She was absolutely gorgeous. She seemed to be breathing sex, you know, one of these women who can light up a room and enchant entire packs of men by just walking by. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. Sure, my uncle is rich as fuck – and he’s a real old-school womanizer too, despite his less than attractive appearance. He’s dead ugly, in fact.

Makes you wonder. What the hell was this young chick thinking hooking up with such a worn-out old fart? Surely, a delightful creature like her can have her pick among, quite literally, every single guy in the world? Each of them desperate to get a taste of her teenage sweetness. I learned later she used to be his secretary at the office – which got me thinking. You see, my uncle started his own company when he was younger. Kind of a hobby project at first. One that turned into a successful business within a five year span. He led his employees with a firm hand and turned his passion into fat bank accounts and fast cars. So what do we have? A company big shot marrying his hot young secretary?

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Such a cliché. But it made me realize there has to be some truth to those boss/secretary clichés. Why do young and sexy secretaries fall for their bosses so often? Their bank accounts come into it, no question about that. And the fact that they work closely together on a daily basis certainly plays a big role. But if you ask me, the main attraction here has to do with authority figures. A lot of women like being bossed around a tad bit. There is no greater turn-on for younger women than a firm slap on the butt cheeks after being ordered to bend the fuck over and brace for impact!

Now this girl, she’s called Erin, sure knows how to play the role of the sex-hungry damsel. Always wearing some kind of tight tank top, accentuating her pert tits. As short a skirt as the occasion allows and constantly cockteasing every man in sight. I dare you not to take a quick peek up her legs when she shits down. I double-dare you!

So is my dear old uncle just a dirty old man with a lucky streak? He sure loves walking that thin line of what’s acceptable in society though. Sometimes openly crossing it simply to provoke, it seems. The age gap taboo or sugar daddy label doesn’t seem to bother him at all. At our last family get together, his new young wife never left his lap the entire evening. Imagine what that looked like: A sixty-three year old bald fart with a smoking hot babe on top of him. His hands were all over her too, the dirty bastard.

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Of course, actually being her boss put him in a unique position. I asked him once. I asked him how he always managed to pick up beautiful girls like that. Did it all come with the job? He smiled and said it’s not about being the boss. It’s about being bossy. Huh! Easy for him to say! Admittedly though, he did have a firm grip on things. Right from the start he made it very clear he wanted his orders carried out to the letter, instilling a sense of fear and respect into his employees. A sense that has women dropping at his feet as a side-effect. And of course, the old man enjoyed playing the powerful boss-man so much he quickly learned the finer tricks of the trade. This is what got Erin’s attention. He knew when to ease up a little, giving her the occasional compliment and friendly smile. And when he finally asked her along on a three-day business trip as his personal assistant, the timing was perfect.

So there were the inevitable fancy dinners and guided tours they had to attend together. The “last drinks of the day” at the hotel bar and the subsequent walk to their hotel rooms. The sexual tension in the elevator. My dirty old uncle must’ve been banging her by day three. Or she probably jumped him! The old guy wouldn’t want to take advantage, you know. No, a sharp old dog like him would probably order her around and then charm her witless in just the right doses. He probably created so much boss-employee stress and sexual tension she finally dropped her inhitibions and just grabbed his wrinkled old cock for a deep, hard fuck. Always remember, if you ever want to score yourself an überhot girl: No matter how virtuous they look, younger girls just want to have fun.

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