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Whenever I see an old grandpa walking down the street with a gorgeous cutie at his side I can’t help but feel happy. Happy for him for having scored himself one prime piece of ass in his old age. And happy for myself, because although these days I can’t even seem to score an average looking girl my own age, maybe there’s still hope for me in like thirty years or so.

It’s not surprising really that old age doesn’t affect a guy’s taste in what he finds sexy and attractive. I mean, I’ve had the hots for this dream girl on a poster in my room back in the day, and I’m pretty sure I’ll still get hard by looking at her when I’m 77. Last week in a bar I saw this old wrinkled pervert with my dream girl look-a-like nibbling on his ear. I can assure you, the combination of her tight ass, a pair of luscious tits and the hungry look in her eyes would still erect mount everest in his pants if he was 104 years old. She was clearly up for anything that night and he wasn’t going to let her down.

I get all those old geezers hunting for fresh tail. What still amazes me from time to time is all those incredibly sexy babes who prefer grandpas over the young muscular studs out there. Somehow these old perverts manage to push all the right buttons. If you ask me it’s because every girl secretly longs for a father figure – a wiser and older man she thinks she can trust and who treats her like the queen she feels like. And it’s only a small step from feeling at ease in someone’s arms to getting down and dirty in the bedroom.

And you can rest assured that these wrinkly old men still know how to get down and dirty. You might think your grandparents almost never had sex, but put your grandpa in bed with a steaming hot babe and you would hear the matras get a seriously hard pounding, no doubt about it. They’ve had many more years of either practice or built-up frustration, both resulting in one hot porn scene when presented with the opportunity. And all the while these babes in question can’t believe their luck: a sensitive and wise shoulder to cry on AND a lustful sex god in the sack? No way they’re going back to all those dull 25-year-old jocks!

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